Urban Giraffes

A long elegant neck extends beautifully into the bluest sky, it sways gently back and forth using its powerful legs to manoeuvre it’s sleek body through the brown and grey terrain. A keen eye and vivid imagination can turn an industrial monstrosity, a piece of urban visual garbage into a compelling object with a beautiful story to tell.

Urban Giraffes is a collection of photographs that crops the visual impact of crane structures within cityscapes in Japan, North America and Europe. It aims to breathe new life into these industrial vehicles by providing a new perspective on their presence in the city.

As a developing world, the majority of the population has been exposed to construction cranes. The response against developers erecting these raw towers are usually negative and counterpart to the noises, dust, chaos and politics of construction. Hidden behind the stereotype is the precise engineering, lightweight structure that is capable of lifting weights of unimaginable figures effortlessly and gracefully.

The cranes photographed in this series attempt to capture a moment of peace and beauty, amongst the chaotic context; exposing a new perspective to the modern, everyday industrial crane. The series is not only a photo monograph of cranes but a documented photo journal, story, and self-narrated photo poetry for all. Capturing the juxtaposition of nature, industry and it’s coexistence, I hope to provide not only a different experience through developing cities, but educating a sense of creative observation, that lives amongst us all.