Royal Work Club


Executive social and co-working space in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

Bea's of Bloomsbury's ONC


A flagship boutique cupcake and coffee shop for Bloomsbury's in London. Situated in Jean Nouvel's One New Change building, the restricted site offered unique opportunities of installing a mezzanine and creating a dynamic experience.

Brandy Box


Winning entry for mobile Brandy Box design

Bloomsbury's Abu Dhabi


The international franchise location to Bloomsbury's in One New Change. Designed as a kit of parts to roll across multiple sites in the middle east, the shop is now replicated across several locations. *a project through carbon

HB Dental


A rebranding, rear extension and full renovation of a busy dental practice in Bromley. We added a 3rd surgery to facilitate growth and demand, achieving a large increase in business turnover. *a project through carbon

The Ridge


Along the ridge of the Atlantic Ocean, a collection of Executive Flats for corporate rentals with a luxury penthouse for the owner / developer and his family, in Dakar Senegal.

*a project through carbon

N8 Residence


Rear extension and hip to gable loft conversion with whole house refurbishment.

SW2 Residence


Rear extension, Dormer loft & full house refurbishment.

N7 Residence


A small scale residential extension in North London, involving the a rear extension to increase living space and enhance family requirements.

*a project through carbon

Dancing Shelves


A space for books. A fun take on the traditional built-in shelves by the fireplace - found in most terraced houses across the UK. Friction fit walnut dividers "dance" along shelves to create different layouts and settings.

Billy Taylor House


Winning Competition entry for social community centre in Providence, RI USA

Display Cabinet


A space for objects. A custom free standing display cabinet for a clients dining room. With a struggle to find the right fit and design off the high street, a bespoke solution was made to maximise the space and add a retro / modern flair to the room.

Shoe Cabinet


A bespoke space for shoes with sprayed plywood carcass and solid oak top. Cutout chamferred finger pulls with soft close doors. Shelves are thin cement boards on adjustable pegs.

SW Residence


An internal refurbishment in Wandsworth, featuring dark oak floors and new panelling to increase drama and atmosphere in the house. Features bespoke built in wardrobes, study, display and cabinetry, amongst new bathroom suites. *a project through carbon